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Why is LPT Security Consulting different in their approach as expert witnesses?  We are experienced security experts who have the past and continuing practical background in Security Management and Crime Prevention.  This allows us to provide sound opinions in an extensive list of situations and environments.  We also thoroughly investigate the claims prior to the development of theories or opinions.  We don’t just write reports. Click here for Mr. Murphy’s CV or call us at 713.899.2402

We have extensive litigation expertise including:

  • Premises Liability and Inadequate Security Expert

    We have significant experience in the area of premises liability security cases involving issues of inadequate security, inadequate training, hiring and supervision. We are experts in Crime Analysis to establish foreseeability and to determine the reasonableness of security measures. Our expertise includes but is not limited to:  Apartment Communities, Bars and Other Adult Entertainment venues, Retail Malls and Shopping Centers, Parking Garages, Parking Lots, Motel, Restaurants.  See our CBS interview on mall security.

  • Bouncer, Bar, Nightclub, Security Guards

    Excessive force and false arrest claims examine closely the hiring, training and supervision that were in place at the time of the incident. The job title of club employees who work in a security capacity matters not as they may be called a courtesy officer, bouncer, usher, doorman or safety officer.  Whether it involves incidents inside or on the parking lot, our club experience  includes adult venues, pool halls, dance clubs and other similar venues large and small.  We also have extensive experience in mall security, shopping center security, proprietary/in-house and contract security guards and off duty police serving as apartment “courtesy officers”.  Read our newly published Nightclub Security Guide.

  • Retail Loss Prevention and Shoplifting Expert

    There are few testifying security experts in the United States who have our level of experience. We have an extensive background in retail loss prevention management and consulting that spans over 35 years. This provides counsel with unique insight into cases involving Retail Loss Prevention with issues such as hiring, training and supervision, false arrest, shoplifting, excessive use of force, death during apprehensions, false imprisonment, employee theft, wrongful termination in malls, and major retail settings. Prior cases include Wal Mart, JC Penney, Sears, Macy’s, Burlington Coat Factory, convenience store chains and others. We have extensive experience against Wal-Mart Loss Prevention cases.

  • Insurance Casualty Claims

    Our security expert services extend into the area of that involve the examination of the adequacy of security hardware such as burglar alarms, robbery alarms, closed circuit television (CCTV), fencing, and other physical security implementations such as guards and policy/procedure. We also provide services regarding alarm failures connected with professional burglaries, such as the Cuban Mafia, fictitious pickups of goods and cargo theft at warehouses and distribution centers.

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