LPT Security Consulting Announces Partnership with Centurion Solutions

The growth of risk and security consulting for schools, hospitals and corporate campuses has led to a strategic partnership with Doug Jackson and Centurion Solutions.

Centurion Solutions supports clients across the U.S. and around the world from all sectors, public and private.

Founded by former US Military veterans, Emergency Response specialists, Public Health professionals and Law Enforcement officials with extensive Homeland Security, Emergency Management, National Security, Public Health and Intelligence experience, Centurion Solutions specializes in providing solutions to operational and preparedness issues.  Together, the following capabilities deliver effective solutions for clients anywhere in the world.

School Threat Risk Assessment

Centurion Solutions understand the threats, risks, and multiple hazards faced by schools, colleges, universities, and campuses, and they excel at developing solutions and creating a safer environment.   Identifying viable, cost effective, and achievable solutions to these issues is what Centurion Solutions provides their clients.

Emergency Planning

Severe weather, fires, floods,     shootings, and criminal activity – each presents a challenge for campuses across the nation.

Does your team know how to respond to a life threatening emergency?  Is there a written plan that is used as a basis for training?  Centurion can develop your policies and protocols, train your “trainers”, and develop tabletop or live exercises and drills.  Don’t rely on the hope that “it will not happen here”.  Prepare your plan. Develop security measures and training to support that plan.  Test the plan and revise as needed.  Three steps that save lives.

Active Shooters

Active shooters or mass shootings cannot be predicted.  They can be the result of workplace violence, a terminated employee or domestic issues.  And, as has been demonstrated repeatedly, it may be the act of an individual who believes killing innocent people serves some higher purpose.  Developing action plans for this type of assault begins with understanding your company or organization’s culture.  It requires analysis of threats, the consideration for physical security such as security cameras and locking systems, and it requires a mindset change.  Centurion has been on the forefront of school security planning for decades.

Custom Consulting Solutions

Every company, every facility is unique.  It requires a customized security assessment to determine strengths and weaknesses.  Centurion is ready to meet a school’s need that meets demanding district and state requirements

Contact Doug Jackson and speak with him about his team of professionals who can assist you in the school security services that you require and he’ll work with you developing customized solutions fitting your needs.

Centurion Solutions

School Security and Emergency Planning