Warehouse Security Assessments

We conduct security assessments for warehouses and distribution centers and their supply chains.   Warehouses present a very unique set of hurdles whether there is just one or a disparate number of large complexes.  Here, size does not matter, only the approach to the environment matters.  Cargo theft can strike anywhere.

We ensure you have the “best for business” approach to satisfy your needs.  We will provide actionable, cost effective recommendations and can follow the process through from the creation of an RFP to monitoring installation of equipment.

Watch our Drone-assisted video capabilities:  Daytime   Nighttime

Aspects of your security program that should be regularly reviewed:

  •     How are you preventing or deterring employee theft?
  •     Lighting:  Do you have the recommended lumens?  Keep in mind there is no universal standard for lighting.
  •     Does your alarm have a cellular back up?
  •     Perimeter physical security:  What considerations are there for fencing and outer doors/windows?
  •     Access control and policies:  Who manages your access control?  How often is it reviewed for accuracy?
  •     Employee Parking:  How close do they park to docks and dumpster?
  •     Review of security related equipment.  This would include access control, perimeter fencing, protection of sensitive areas such as the offices of Senior Management and IT, alarm functionality, etc.
  •     Review of periodic auditing efforts:  Do you have a self audit program?
  •     Review of physical layout of internal warehouse to include distribution of CCTV, protection of sensitive cargo, and cross docking methods.
  •     Protection of cargo in transit:  Are you using RFID, GPS, special seals?
  •     Employee Theft Policies.  Also read Prosecuting Employee Theft and the Employee Theft Guide