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Security Expert and Speaker | J. Patrick Murphy

Public Speaker for Security Related Topics

Expert Security Witness and Security Public Speaker

Pat Murphy is a security expert with over 40 years experience who is often asked to speak to groups on the subjects of crime prevention, loss prevention, business security, and other civil liability issues.

Areas of Expertise

Mr. Murphy can speak with authority on the crime problems associated with apartments, condos, hotels, convenience stores, gas stations, shopping centers, retail stores, universities, schools, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, office buildings, and parking lots.

Our presentation style is informative, interactive, and done with humor. No sleeping allowed! Our topics are ideally suited for time allotments of 20 minutes to an hour.

Here are some of our topics…

Workplace Violence and the Active Shooter.  Mulit-victim shootings have become, seemingly, common occurrence.   Let us talk to your group about awareness and planning.

Employee Theft. (Read our Case Study)  Employers lose over $600B to theft and fraud annually. Our discussion is an overview of internal theft and actual cases, investigation, prosecution and restitution.

Sue Yourself Before Someone Else Does! A discussion about how you can look at your business from a liability standpoint to reduce exposure in a law suit. This is an excellent presentation for apartment properties, shopping centers, bars and clubs and parking garage owners.

Retail Loss Prevention 101. Creating an environment that is customer friendly yet deters crime in your store.

Experiential Background

His experience in law enforcement, private security, and corporate loss prevention gives him the hands on technical experience to speak on issues regarding inventory loss, employee theft investigation, background checks, pre-employment checks, excessive force in apprehensions, shoplifting, identity theft, and security guard issues.

Mr. Murphy can also speak with authority on uses and implementation of physical security hardware such as CCTV, Video over the internet, wireless CCTV, burglar alarms, and a wide range of topics in crime prevention, residential security, and personal security.

His topics come from a wide range of topics such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental (CPTED), premises liability, conduct of security guard companies, security expert witness selection, business continuity planning, retail loss prevention, retail shrink, loss prevention training and white collar crime.

Mr. Murphy is an engaging speaker who uses humor and case studies to illustrate concepts and who encourages audience questions during and after presentations.