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Premises Security Expert

I have been retained as a security expert witness in over 500 premises liability cases as a result of serious injury or death due to acts of third parties. These cases cover a wide variety of premises types but all involve allegations of negligent security. However, the important factors of inadequate security or negligent security cases are about people and process. CV here.

  • Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Security Guard
  • Concert Venues
  • Convenience Stores
  • Restaurants/Fast Food
  • Apartments
  • 24-Hour Operations

When a serious crime occurs on a property, a plaintiff wants to know about the history of violent crime at that location as well as the history of crime in the surrounding area. A defendant must show that the measures that were in place were reasonable to address that very crime. This is why an expert witness is critical.

An expert examines what is really the core of, what I call, the triad of operations: hiring, training and supervision. Without a reasonable set of protocols, a company cannot hire the right people, train, based on policy, nor supervise to ensure the company is receiving the benefit desired.

A defendant has a duty to provide reasonable measures to prevent/deter violent acts. Those “measures” are site-specific based on the type of business and the criminal environment. In other words, typically a day care center does not need an access controlled parking lot, staffed by a guard. Security management does not have to be complex or require the services of an expert in most cases. It is about making business decisions.

We are experts in crime analysis, crime mapping, foreseeability, security guard operations, courtesy officers, and security planning. We have served over 400 clients and can assist with all aspects of premises liability litigation.