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J. Patrick Murphy | LPT Security Consulting

J. Patrick (Pat) Murphy
President, LPT Security Consulting

Nationwide availability. Based in Houston, Texas.

About me:

I began my career as a law enforcement intern in 1974  Upon graduation from Louisiana Tech University in March, 1975 I worked as an undercover investigator and guard supervisor for a small company in Shreveport, Louisiana.  I then joined the Dallas Police Department in 1976.  I worked in South Dallas and South Oak Cliff which were the highest crime districts in the City.  I requested to be assigned there as I thought that was where cops should start.

After working in patrol for two years, I was offered an opportunity to return to the private sector in the Security Department at Sears.  With no training, no policies and an open path ahead of me, I went from a foundation of security and merged into Operations.  Now I understood how a business was run and how to reduce losses to theft and operational practices.  Over my 10 year tenure I held several positions of increasing responsibility.  Unfortunately in my final years at Sears the company underwent some drastic changes and the Loss Prevention Department was drastically reduced.

I was fortunate enough to be hired by Eckerd Drugs (Eckerd Corporation) in 1989 as the Regional Loss Prevention Manager for the Houston Region.  What started as managing a staff of 8 and 200 plus stores eventually became 1500 stores managing the southern half of the company.

My time at Eckerd was the most enriching.  I came in at a time when there was no structure or real guidance for security, profit protection or training.  That included my own department.  Over time I developed the company’s framework to protect assets. This was successful because of the outstanding work of the executives on my staff who understood Operations, at times, better than those in Operations.  Keeping Senior Management engaged was always a challenge but the program development saved the company millions of dollars.

My expertise comes from a career in problem solving…the right way.  The right way has success.  The rest are successes in their own right as they guide efforts to improve people and processes.  Security liability cases are the result of the lack of diligence to understand the “right way” within a specific set of circumstances.

The general path of litigation has not changed for me since my first case as an expert regardless if I am on the plaintiff or defense side.  However the jury and the court need someone to explain the backdrop and the importance of the facts to help with an eventual verdict.  My opinions are based on what I’ve done since the mid 70’s.  I’ve been fortunate to have been mentored by many who understand the importance and value of the integrity of process building.  Processes drive a business to success.  Training ensures those processes are executed in an optimal way.  And, of course, hiring the right people is the beginning and the end to any successful company.

I give my clients every aspect of a case that I can so they understand the “what ifs” and the “it depends” scenarios.  I also am a student of case law as it relates directly to this area of litigation.  It’s important to understand the context of rulings to assist both the client and myself.  I’m not a lawyer but my job is to guide my clients in areas where they may have little or no experience.  That, in my opinion, is paying back all of those who helped me (and continue to do so) in this wonderful career.


  • Hotel/Motel
  • Apartment Properties
  • Bars and Night Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centers, Malls, Convenience Stores, Pharmacy
  • Retail Loss Prevention
  • Warehouse
  • Alarm Systems
  • Security Guards, Retail Loss Prevention, Bouncers

His background also includes:

  • Contributing author for the text book, “Retail Crime, Security and Loss Prevention. An Encyclopedic Reference.”.
  • Frequent resource for magazines, trade journals and media outlets.
  • University lecturer with University of Florida (Dr. Richard Hollinger) and Sam Houston State University (Dr. Merlyn (Doug) Moore)
  • Adjunct instructor for the Houston Police Academy.
  • Guest lecturer for business and civic organizations including the Houston Apartment Association and Texas Apartment Association Education Conference 2010.

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LPT Security Consulting
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Tomball, Texas 77375

Office: 713.899.2402

Mr. Murphy is listed on several expert witness services and security consultant directories including the Forensic Expert Witness Association (, the Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys (TASA ), Intota (, and the Roundtable Group (