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From Ahrens Security, LLC, the hope of this guidance document is that it is used proactively as a tool for an employer’s person-centric termination process to manage and mitigate behavioral risk concerns before, during, and after an involuntary termination of an employee.

The peer review guide’s origination was developed based on Sean A. Ahrens observations and belief that “We don’t spend the same time in hiring’s that we do with terminations”. As a workplace violence expert with 20+ years of experience, he believes that this education will lead to more supportive transitions and fewer acts of workplace violence. 

Common sense dictates that if we maintain the dignity of a former employee, we are in a better position for a transition. This peer reviewed guide seeks to help organizations and individuals dealing with a difficult transition and avoid unintentional or intentional negligence that could lead to acts of workplace violence. This document outlines key steps to prepare for a respectful involuntary separation–before, during and after the conversation. The guide uses a common practical approach through checklists and tips anyone can easily adapt to their workplace. The goal of this guide is to proactively pre-empt negligent acts that could create hostility between the organization and its former employee. It seeks to inform, educate and reinforce the golden rule – treat others how you would want to be treated, so a loss won’t be experienced.

While copy-written, it is free for all to use. Please share.

“Amat Victoria Curam”