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In generic terms all entertainment venues have common denominators:    

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Bad behavior of patrons and
  • Inadequate training and supervision of security personnel.

WHY did this happen?  This is the question in every case involving a neighborhood bar or a large concert venue.  The answer lies within the known risks and the security plan that included policies, procedures and training.  The more sophisticated the business, the greater the need for risk and security planning.

We have the depth of knowledge in security-related cases involving serious injury and death to assist the trier of fact.  It is about risk assessment and security planning in response to those threats.  More than half of our litigation services are in the bar. nightclub and venue security environments.

Here are some of the areas reviewed in our litigation investigation:

  • Risk Assessments:  Understanding the threats to security of patrons
  • Security planning: Meeting those threats through policy and procedure, hiring, training, and supervision and implementing physical security to support those policies.
  • Documented policies and procedures on use of force
  • Documented training
  • Supervision methodology
  • Internal documentation of incidents
  • Previous law enforcement activity at the venue
  • Review of any records within the State’s Alcohol Beverage Commission
  • Social media review of YouTube, Facebook,  Instagram etc.
  • Criminal backgrounds of employees

It is a deep dive investigating people and processes dedicated to life safety.

See our Nightclub Security Guide for more information.