Apartment Security Expert Witness and Apartment Crime Prevention Training

apartment security consulting and expert witness

We also provide apartment and condominium  Security Expert Witness services for any environment.  We provide creative and development processes for a well designed apartment security management program through Project CARE.

Security issues in any multi family environment, if left unaddressed, raise the potential for litigation due to criminal acts by third parties. Based on 40 years in security consulting and crime prevention, LPT Security Consulting developed a very unique and very property/management-friendly training and consulting program for apartment and other multi-family management.  We specialize in high crime properties and our program has an option for ONE YEAR. It is well suited for:

  • Property Owners
  • Property Management Companies
  • Property Managers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Legal Departments
  • Plaintiff/Defense Attorneys

Why is Project CARE So Unique?

  • We understand the concept: “We can’t guarantee the safety or security of anyone”.
  • We train all of your property managers, Regional Managers and even maintenance supervisors at one location.
  • We provide consulting services for up to one year to assist in program development. Why? Because what looks good on paper at inception is rarely what is actually in place in the end.
  • The results are a quantifiable improvement in the safety of your properties.

What We Provide

  • A thorough assessment of the physical security aspects of your apartment community.
  • A review of all policies and procedures that relate to how any security-related function.
  • A lighting and landscape assessment.
  • A full analysis of your Courtesy Officer or Contract Guard staffing, procedures, reporting, and post orders.
  • A crime analysis of both the property and surrounding area.
  • A theme-driven community approach that encourages tenant involvement.
  • An actionable report with priorities and timetables set by your company management.
  • A 4-5 hour workshop for all property managers. (We’ve even included Maintenance Supervisors).
  • The full services of our guidance by phone or email 24/7. Under extreme circumstances we will respond to the location.


We provide an expanded workshop for groups, companies or associations that provide an in depth review of:

  • Understanding effective crime prevention practices.
  • How to manage guard companies and off duty police officers (courtesy officers).
  • How and when to communicate crime to your tenants.
  • Understanding how courts look at your property in litigation.
  • How to make “safety and security” a part of your company culture.

Why Our Program Works

  • Even in the toughest environments, Management at all levels learn how to approach crime with an Operational mindset.
  • Communities are taught by property management about crime prevention through meetings and other communication.
  • The property’s Courtesy Officer program or Contract Guard service perform at a higher level.
  • Your tenants are safer and happier and support your efforts. (Resulting in higher retention/occupancy rates.
  • We’re a phone call away.

Our Manager Workshop

What you will learn:

Daily Operations and Crime Prevention

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) (a simplified version). You will learn how lighting, access, maintenance standards, and landscaping impacts crime prevention.
  • Incident report distribution and the retention of documents.
  • Gates, Lights, Cameras and Cops. All of these are integral parts of planning. Which ones do you need and how much is enough?

Crime Statistics. Where to find them and how they are used.

  • Resources for of your property and the surrounding area.
  • Documenting incidents on property: Do you and how.
  • Communicating crime to your residents: What residents want to know.
  • When does a crime trigger the need for more security?

Litigation. The secrets a plaintiff’s Security Expert Witness doesn’t want you to know.

  • What exactly is meant by the term “security” and becoming comfortable with questions that will be asked.
  • Standard of Care and Foreseeability. What “you knew or should have known”. Your efforts at crime prevention rely heavily on previous like crimes. What steps to take to ensure you are on the right track.
  • What information a plaintiff’s expert will want. Answer: everything!
  • How to prepare for pending litigation. Understanding depositions and the process as a whole.

Action Strategies. How to create an on-going program that can be managed.

  • Physical security assessment, planning, and management. Learn what a security plan does or does not have to be.
  • Managing continuing education of property staff. Train all, train often.
  • Community involvement in safety on the property. THE most important part of a strategy. We’ll even help you with your initial meeting.
  • Law enforcement liaison and what they can/should provide.
  • Off duty Police Officer or Courtesy Officer Management and Job Description. (Download our Complimentary PDF version of Job Description.) Yes, they work for you. Learn how to effectively manage their efforts.
  • Management of contract security guard companies on periodic patrol or stationed on property.

The Cost of Project: CARE

We’d like to create a proposal for you. The fee structure is based on:

  • The number of units in a single property.
  • The total number of units for multiple properties.
  • Travel expenses are not included.

If you are interested in the training workshop only, please call 713-899-2402 or email pat.murphy@lptoday.com to discuss your needs.