California man sues mall after security guard pulls gun on him for running over traffic cone

Security guard negligence is a serious issue that can result in injury or death. 

I am a security guard expert witness who is routinely retained in such matters.  (See my CV)  These claims also may lead to claims of negligent hiring, training and supervision.  The individual in this incident allegedly was not licensed as a security guard nor was he authorized to carry a weapon.

New York Daily News. A California man is suing his local mall after security guard was captured on video pointing a gun at him for running over a traffic cone.

Nicholas Buchanan said he was in a line to drive out of Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose in December, when he drove around a car that was backing up and hit the cone.

The 27-year-old filed a lawsuit last week against Westfield saying that guard Francis Lancaster-Abraham Fielding chased after him and yelled at him to get out of his car.

Buchanan, who works at Apple as an engineer, stayed put and recorded the incident on his phone as Fielding pulled out a handgun and had his finger on the trigger as he pointed it at the driver.